Chartering a bus for an end-of-year school celebration

15 November 2016
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As the school year draws to a close, many administrators are planning their end-of-year celebrations. If you are heading off-site for an excursion, you'll probably need to charter a bus. Here are some tips to make sure that you get your bus deposit back at the end of the day.  Heading somewhere sandy? If you are heading to somewhere sandy like the beach or a big sand pit, then you want to try and get as much sand off before you get back on the bus. Read More 

Getting Into The Temperature Danger Zone

12 July 2016
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Preserving food items during transportation serves to benefit both you and your loyal customers. You'll get to save on potentially huge losses associated with food contamination and your customers are unlikely to suffer food poisoning. Understanding the relationship between temperature and the preservation of food items that you transport is essential for the correct preservation of these food items. Here is a brief discussion on the temperature danger zone and how it might affect how you transport and handle food items. Read More 

Tips to Remember When Conducting Thermo King Repairs

4 February 2016
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It is very important to keep the refrigeration unit in your refrigerated truck functioning optimally. In case it breaks down, keep the following tips in mind as you perform emergency repairs. Avoid Roadsides The biggest threat to the efficiency and longevity of a refrigeration unit is contamination. Avoid conducting any repairs to your unit when the truck is by the roadside or outdoors. This is because there is a very high chance that moisture, dirt and other contaminants may get into the components that you have exposed as you are performing the repairs. Read More