Tips to Remember When Conducting Thermo King Repairs

4 February 2016
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It is very important to keep the refrigeration unit in your refrigerated truck functioning optimally. In case it breaks down, keep the following tips in mind as you perform emergency repairs.

Avoid Roadsides

The biggest threat to the efficiency and longevity of a refrigeration unit is contamination. Avoid conducting any repairs to your unit when the truck is by the roadside or outdoors. This is because there is a very high chance that moisture, dirt and other contaminants may get into the components that you have exposed as you are performing the repairs. For instance, any dirt that gets into the condenser will lower its efficiency. This is because the dirt will reduce how quickly heat transfer takes place in the unit. Perform all repairs in an enclosed place (such as a garage) so that you reduce the likelihood of contamination.

Watch the Fuel Level

It is very easy to focus all your attention on the repairs that you are conducting and you forget to check the fuel level in the tank of your refrigeration unit. Such an oversight can cause the system to suck in air when the fuel runs out once you resume using the refrigeration system. You will be forced to bleed the fuel lines once the unit runs out of fuel and you top it up. That process of bleeding the lines can result in contaminants (such as moisture) getting into the system. Avoid this problem by checking the fuel level once you complete the repairs. Top up as needed.

Listen Carefully

Always start the refrigeration unit and listen carefully after conducting any repairs on it. Your attention should be focused on identifying any strange sounds coming from the newly repaired unit. For example, a whining sound may indicate that the driving belt of the alternator is too tight and should be loosened a bit. The strange sounds will give you an early warning about any possible errors that you may have committed during the repair process. Let the unit operate for the test duration recommended by its manufacturer before you return the truck to normal service.

Any defect in the refrigeration system can cause costly losses of cargo. Do everything in your power to prevent such a loss from happening. Start by hiring a certified thermoking repair technician to conduct periodic maintenance of the refrigeration unit. Follow the tips above when you conduct any repairs on your own.