Private Bus Hire Tips

26 August 2022
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Are you contemplating private bus hire? The arrangement helps you and your friends avoid environmental pollution by using your individual cars when going to the same destination. This extract contains some private bus hire tips. 

Type of Bus

Although you might have an idea about the bus you need, it is always wise to evaluate the available options. For instance, you could compare the different models to know which one suits long-distance travelling. Typically, these models have comfort features such as reclining seats, adequate leg room, and reclining seats. Some models fit people going on camping trips. Although they may not have camper van sleeping areas, they come with water tanks, refrigerators, awnings, and kitchens. These buses also have all-wheel driving abilities to allow you to drive through uneven, muddy, and rocky terrain.  


Some bus hire companies modify the rental coaches to suit the client's needs. For instance, some companies have decker buses with an open top for people who need to tour the city. On the other hand, the buses could be fitted with entertainment equipment, dancing poles, a bar, and a DJ box for people who want to sample the city's party scene. Some buses are modified for VIP transport. For example, they could have an office and sleeping area to ensure the VIP continues their daily activities as they travel. 

Do not be quick to rent the bus. Instead, ask for the rental conditions to know the company's expectations. Assess these issues when reading the agreement; 

  • What are your insurance obligations? Besides your travel insurance, you should not have to take additional insurance. However, the company could compel you to take renters insurance if you plan to drive the bus.
  • Does the company limit your travel distance? For example, you could incur an additional charge if you exceed a specified mileage. Some companies could prohibit interstate travel.
  • How does the company deal with emergencies? Ideally, the company should track the bus to ensure it knows your whereabouts. Besides, it should offer rescue services if the bus breaks down.
  • What complimentary offerings does the company extend to its clients? For example, some companies organise discounted accommodation at specific holiday parks and resorts. 

Finally, review the company's quote. Compare the price against the hired bus and offerings to determine which company guarantees value for your money. For instance, although a company's quote could be a bit high, its discount program could help you save costs during your trip. Nevertheless, always negotiate before booking the bus.