Top Tips When Choosing a Heavy Haulage Company

4 December 2019
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Would you want to transport oversized loads such as turbines, mining equipment, large boats or oil rigs? Well, you probably require the services of a heavy haulage company. Read the extract below to learn the various considerations you should make when hiring a heavy haulage company. 

Rely on Reputation

Work with a company that has years of experience in heavy haulage. Seek referrals from people that have used heavy haulage services in the past. Besides, you could check the reviews of various companies on social media and construction blogs. The company should provide a comprehensive range of services. For instance, you may require cranes or earthmovers to load the equipment onto the truck. Besides, you need pilot vehicles to escort the heavy haulage truck and warn road users of an oversized load. 

Condition of the Equipment

Visit the company's premises and inspect the condition of the heavy haulage trucks. Be on the lookout for engine problems such as leaks and strange engine noises. It may be challenging to inspect large trucks such as self-propelled modular transporters. As such, ask for the truck service and inspection reports. 


Heavy haulage presents a lot of risks. Clients may not know how to prepare and execute heavy haulage. As such, the company that you work with must exhibit sufficient expertise in the transport of oversized loads. For instance, you should conduct a road survey to determine the best routes. Be on the lookout for low-lying bridges, narrow and slippery roads. In Australia, you must have a road permit when transporting oversized loads. Besides, you need a licence from the rail infrastructure manager if the truck will cross a railway line. You also need to inform the local police if you intend to use urban roads.  

The company should take adequate measures to protect your load during transit. For instance, they should deploy a reconnaissance team to inform the pilot and truck drivers of changing road conditions. Besides, they should have an emergency crew consisting of engineers, mechanics and medics to respond to any incidents or accidents during transport. 


The company should have a reasonable price structure. For instance, other than the standard haulage charge, you may be liable for extra expenses such as storage and licence fees. Some companies will charge more at night and during weekends. Besides, you will pay more if you change the route due to poor weather or traffic jams. Inquire about deposit and cancellation charges. 

People looking for heavy haulage services should work with an experienced company, inspect the condition of the haulage trucks and evaluate the company's professionalism and pricing strategy.