What You Need To Know About Live Animal Freight Transport

27 January 2015
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There are many regulations when it comes to transporting live animals. Various jurisdictions as well as freight transporters have their own directives as to what and how they can transport the animals. However, there are some basic facts that you should be aware of so that you can make general preparations. The additional instructions and restrictions will be given by the specific freight transport company.

Service Type

Most freight transporting companies will only offer you live animal transport for a day or two. Some might not accept to transport the animals during the holiday period or on a weekend. This is because they have limited staff during those periods, so they may not be able to adequately care for your animal. In order to ensure that there is no animal cruelty, it is important to always have adequate staff taking care of the animals during transportation.


The packaging for the transportation of animals depends on various factors. The most important one is the size of the animal itself. The box that your animal is transported in must typically be corrugated and withstand a certain crush test. There should be ventilation for the animals as needed. If your animal requires moisture during transport, the box should be coated with a water resistant material. If you are transporting a small animal that does not necessarily need a large box, you should still use appropriate packaging. For instance, lizards need to be placed in bags that allow for breathing. These can be made of materials like burlap. If it is insects that you are transporting, contain them in jars that allow minimal ventilation holes so that they do not escape.

Additional Considerations

If you are transporting your animals over a long journey, you might need to make some additional considerations. For instance, you might need to package some food for the animal. You might also need to ensure that there are adequate temperature controls so that the animal does not suffer the effects of adverse weather.

Animals That Can Be Transported

It is important to note that not all animals can be transported. There are various regulations in place to govern which animals can be freighted and which cannot. For instance, endangered species cannot be transported. There are also restrictions when it comes to the transportation of poisonous animals such as snakes. However, you need to check up with your preferred freight transporter so that you know what they accept and what they do not.

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