3 Tips To Ensure You Fully Enjoy Your Party Bus Hire

8 December 2017
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Hiring a party bus is fun when you are a group of friends or for your wedding party. This is because the bus offers in-house entertainment, including music and drinks. Below are various tips that will enable you to enjoy the party bus services. Arrive on Time When hiring a party bus, you are required to state the date it will be required and the exact duration. The bus will always arrive on time and you are also expected to be present at the stipulated time. Read More 

How to Ensure That the Last Leg of Your Journey Goes to Plan

9 October 2017
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More people than ever are taking to the skies and flying to and from major cities across Australia. The airlines tend to pack more people into their planes, as well, which can often lead to a rather tiring experience for many passengers. When you add long lines at security and delays in the baggage claim hall, it's no surprise that the average person arrives at their destination in a rather frazzled state. Read More 

5 Tips to Save Money When Planning a Buck’s Party

19 July 2017
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Planning a buck's party for your best mate? That can get expensive, but if you want to save money, there are lots of possibilities. You don't necessarily have to stay in and play board games. Have fun on the town without breaking the bank with these ideas: 1. Look for deals for buck's parties Some companies offer deals to people who are having a buck's night. That could be anything from free desserts to buy-one-get-one-free deals on drinks to discounts on buck's party transportation. Read More